ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 0-24h | Free Entrance   SOPOT WATERFALL, BUZET | Second highest waterfall in Istria with height of 30 metres. It is located in area of village Strana near Buzet. From road Čiritež - Buzet you have to make a turn to village Strana. First you'll arrive in village Brgad, but you have to pass through it, drive around one kilometer on macadam road and when you arrive back on asphalt road you are already in village Strana and there's the first guide mark for Sopot Climbing (Penjalište Sopot in Croatian). Then you have to drive around 500 metres down the hill and shortly you'll arrive to second guide mark, with same text. There you can leave your car and you have approximately 10 minutes of walk in waterfall direction. Once you arrive to the waterfall you'll be delighted with beauty of the nature, it truly is like in paradise. The waterfall passes through the hole that water carved into the stone and the sight from down under is magnificent. The waterfall is rarely active, only during rainy periods and is also known as climbing spot. Because of its beauty, climbers named

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year  | No Working time | Free Entrance   Walking path called „staza 7 slapova“ is a round trail, 13.27km ( aprox. 5h / medium difficulty). It start and end beneath Buzet, at the bridge Mirna near Istarski Vodovod or Istarska Pivovara – Favorit. You can park you car there, armed yourself with food and drinks and take a walk on wild side of river Mirna and Draga. Offical rute : Buzet(Istarski Vodovod/ Istarska Pivovara - Favorit) - Selca - Glistonija - Kuhari - Kotli – Buzet (Istarski Vodovod/ Istarska Pivovara - Favorit). Marked with blue and red colour. Above is offical route, but we did It our way ;) It was not that easy to find the right way if you are not using mobile phone. Even the trail is not marked in this way it is definetly worth seeing it. The most difficult parts of trip are secured by ropes that make it easy to climb. Highest point on the track is 281m. It was sunny day, perfect for walk, at the bridge Mirna we went upstream to the north side of Mirna. After the first kilometer (+/-) you will notice a

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | No Working time | Free Entrance   Fall in love with Kotli, beautiful small village and amazing landscape.  Great place to get rest and fall in love with nature. Is the most beautiful and valuable rural architectural whole with its original yards, terraces, fireplaces, chimneys and mills. The river Mirna tumbles through the village, creating waterfalls, over the rocks and forming hollow pools carved into the stone after which the village got its name ( Kotle=hollow).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION In October | Working Time: 8-20h | Free Entrance It is held once a year (October.) and brings together producers and fans of homemade brandy to taste and enjoy the charms of the smallest town in the world - Hum. You can try a variety of different spirits, the most famous among them is Biska. The recipe for Biska is old more than 2.000 year and it was use as medicine. One of ingredient is mistletoe, together with four types of herbs. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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