ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | No Working time | Free Entrance Celestial labyrinths coordinates: Moon and Mars labyrinth: https://goo.gl/maps/9ct7db3FXm12 Jupiter labyrinth: https://goo.gl/maps/BwxeiGM7kWy Venera labyrinth: https://goo.gl/maps/tBvPh3QZrkv Sun labyrinth: https://goo.gl/maps/mGSoZZFeDiz New celestial labyrinths in Šijana forest: https://goo.gl/maps/8pTYEUXJm322 MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | No Working time | Free Entrance According to the legend, it was built by order of the Austrian count Metternich, who fell in love with a girl from Savudrija and wanted to build a love nest there. The Lighthouse of Savudrija was built in 1818. It is the oldest Lighthouse on Adriatic sea, which is still in use. Total height 36m. Build by arhitect Pietra Nobilea in less then a year. In the vicinity of the lighthouse we can find characteristic boat lifts-grues. This is a resourceful way of lifting boats without safe mooring on wooden constructions with the help of rope and pulley. Charactericst of Savudrija is also a wooden boat with a flat bottom called batana, intended for individual coastal fishing, rowed in a standing position. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year | No Working time | Free Entrance I fondali dell`odierna baia di Zambrattia sono un vero e proprio tesori archeologico. Tutti i reperti archeologici rinvenuti in mare, per effetto di mutamenti naturali avvenuti negli ultimi millenni ( innalzamento del livello del mare – trasgressione marina), in orgine si trovavano su terraferma oppure lungo la costa.I resti di un`imbarcazione protostorica sono stati rivenutti alla profondità di 2,20m sotto il mare. Si tratta di una nave con il fasciame dello scafo formato da assi di olmo tenute insieme da corde fatte passare attraverso i fori praticati sui bordi della tavole. La lunghezza conservata dello mediante radiocarbonio fa risalire l`imbarcazione protostorica di Zambrattia alla fine dell`età del bronzo. Conferendole di titolo della nave più antica di questo genere rinvenuta nell`Adriatico. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year| No Working time | Free Entrance Pure untouched nature on the beach of "Galebove Stijene". Numerous rocks that run out of the sea, and the nearby clear blue-green water, provide enough reason to visit this heaven on earth. In summer, there are lots of fun and adrenaline jumps from the cliffs and rocks. Tips: There is hidden beach inside of rocks just explore! MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | No Working time | Free Entrance Žbevnica is situated in north Istria peninsula on Ćićarija mountain. There are many ups and downs and some of them are very steep so count to hike on some sections. Hike starts in the village called Brest. Maybe fifty meters to the east has located a road to our goal-Žbevnica mountain. The first step became a mountain hut (Žbevnica 851 meters). That's a wonderful place to have a little break and shoot some photos and sight a valley under the Ćićarija. After the break, we continue to climb another 20 minutes to the Žbevnica. The path is well marked. Coming on the top view is simply amazing. From the top you can see the Slovenian mountains, the city of Kopar and the Italian Dolomites. Of course, a big part of our beautiful Istria is like on the plate. You can see Mirna valley, Motovun, Buzet section, Učka mountain and more. The top is high 1014 meters. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year| Working time: 10-18h | Pay per Entrance   We visited this geomorphologic monument of nature and the first speleological locality in Istria opened for tourism. This unique sightseeing lasts 40 minutes, visitors descend along a 300m long pathway up to 60m below the ground and an underground lake and visit beautifully decorated chambers. The cave is well-lit and ordered, the pathway and the stairs have firm rails. The temperature is very pleasant 14°C. In the waters of the cave, you can see one rarely animal, a human fish -Proteus anguinus. Also, there are lots of stalactite and stalactites that occurred over time in that wet ambient. Tips: Be careful the stairs are steep and wet. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year | Working time: 8-20h | Pay per Entrance   Brijuni Islands is a group of 14 islands and occupy the surface 7.4km2. Include the following Islands:  Veliki Brijun, Mali Brijun, Sv.Marko, Gaz, Okrugljak, Supin, Supinić, Galija, Grunj, Vanga (Krasnica), Pusti (Madona), Vrsar, Sv.Jerolim and Kozada.  Veliki Brijun as the largest island of the Brijuni archipelago, which is partly cultivated in a harmonious landscape of lawns and landscape parks, contains besides extremely valuable remains of architectural heritage and preserved vegetation systems of the West-West climatic type. It is important to note that the sea is almost 80% of the protected area of the National Park, which contains almost all original elements of the marine ecosystem of the Adriatic. The climate on Brijuni is mild, Mediterranean with plenty of sun and heat and plenty of humidity in the air, making it a pleasant stay on the island. Island interesting: The old olive tree is one of the oldest olive trees in the Mediterranean; Olives are still producing fruits today and we produce oil from these fruits. The berry of fruits is done in October, and on average, about 30 kg of fruits are harvested. Of these 30

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 0-24h | Free Entrance   SOPOT WATERFALL, BUZET | Second highest waterfall in Istria with height of 30 metres. It is located in area of village Strana near Buzet. From road Čiritež - Buzet you have to make a turn to village Strana. First you'll arrive in village Brgad, but you have to pass through it, drive around one kilometer on macadam road and when you arrive back on asphalt road you are already in village Strana and there's the first guide mark for Sopot Climbing (Penjalište Sopot in Croatian). Then you have to drive around 500 metres down the hill and shortly you'll arrive to second guide mark, with same text. There you can leave your car and you have approximately 10 minutes of walk in waterfall direction. Once you arrive to the waterfall you'll be delighted with beauty of the nature, it truly is like in paradise. The waterfall passes through the hole that water carved into the stone and the sight from down under is magnificent. The waterfall is rarely active, only during rainy periods and is also known as climbing spot. Because of its beauty, climbers named

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 0-24h | Free Entrance   MOTOVUN MIST | I've always wanted to capture Motovun's famous morning mist. Legendary mist rises from Mirna river's valley up to the hilltop on which Motovun is placed so the town looks like an island. I finally got an opportunity to photograph it and I've circulated all around Motovun and took photos from hills in Motovun surroundings and conclusion is that Motovun looks like a fairy tale town from every single angle. One of the perspectives of local tourism, which is the most important sector of local economy, should be, literally "Selling the fog". I'm sure that a lot a tourists would pay to experience it, no matter for how long they have to wait. Now that I've experienced it, I know I would pay for that experience.   MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 0-24h | Free Entrance   In the northern part of Istria, overlooking the Mirna River valley, lies surely the most famous and attractive Istrian medieval town of Motovun-Montona. This captivating hilltop town is one of the characteristic symbols of the Istrian interior. Motovun is a perfect sight from every angle, but I had great luck to capture Motovun behind the beautiful rainbow. Motovun has most visitors during cloudy and rainy days so try your luck and maybe you'll get oportunity to capture this magnificent natural phenomenon. For now you can enjoy it from my perspective through these photos.   MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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