ISTRIADUCTION  In November | Working time: As Agreed | Free Entrance   On Saturdays and Sundays in November Agritourism farms of Istrian County organize Agritourism Open Door Day. We visited Kaštel Pineta agritourism from Sveti Martin near Labin. The peaceful place is surrounded by a pine forest and in the middle is a large house with a tower that once belonged to the noble family Battiala - Lazzarini. When we arrived in Pineta agrotourism first we entered Baron’s yard, surrounded by chestnut trees and local cellars. After we entered the tavern we were welcomed by a homemade "rakija" and a warm ambiance. There is special offer these days a menu of three sequences with a glass of wine. we first ate a polenta of freshly picked mushrooms with a great sauce and glass of wine. After the fine polenta, the order was the main dish of goat's and pancetta potato uuuuuu it was delicious. After we licked the fingers of a delicious goat's it was time to eat something sweet and served with smoked figs and chocolates. After we got out we went out to the yard of the property to hear the presentation of mushrooms from local

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