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ISTRIADUCTION December | Free Entrance From Puntera to the Raša valley The new Barban walking trail starts at Puntera. It moves downhill on a white winding road all the way to the Raša valley. Along the trail, there are plaques with interesting facts about the area. As well as the fact that the Raški kanal is 12 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide. And views of the bay and fields are inevitable for a photo keepsake. These are the only fields in Istria below sea level, drained during the rule of Italy, in the late twenties of last century, and between the war they fed the population. If you want, you can continue your journey to Blaz, where we will find several choices. A short stream used to drive a mill, and today only stone remains remain. That’s where the road stops and we head back the same way. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION April | All Year | Free Entrance Lake Butoniga; it is located in the center of Istria and supplies water to the entire area up to the city of Pula. This artificial lake was created in the 80's, and since it is located in the middle of the Istrian picturesque hills, it gives the surroundings a special beauty and thus creates incredibly beautiful scenes and views that leave no one indifferent. This accumulation lake was created by immersing the valley of the left tributary of the river Mirna, where its torrent tributaries Butoniga, Dragućki and Račički potok meet. Although swimming is forbidden in this lake, precisely because of the water supply, you can still enjoy a walk around the lake, climb the surrounding hills and enjoy the view of many Istrian places that look especially beautiful when viewed from a height. Choose a bright and sunny day for a walk so that you can enjoy the beautiful views of the hills and the surrounding area, and later stop in nearby Motovun for a glass of fine wine and first-class dishes with truffles. [fusion_map api_type="" embed_address="" embed_map_type="roadmap" address="latlng= 45.33009557388229, 13.925177246754172" type="roadmap" width="" height=""

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ISTRIADUCTION February | All Year | Free Entrance You want to walk along with the most beautiful, most famous, most attractive, as easy as it is demanding trail in Istria. Then the obligatory trail is seven waterfalls in Buzet. Although you can go at any time of year, it is definitely recommended in autumn, winter or early spring when there is water on the waterfalls but again not immediately after heavy rains as some parts of the trail will not be able to cross due to slippery terrain and larger streams you have to cross. The trail is about 15 kilometers long, easy walks (depending on fitness) and lasts about 5 hours. The trail of seven waterfalls is a circular trail that starts at the trim trail near Buzet Brewery, ie on the left side of the river Mirna (in that direction you are guided by signs along the entire trail). Along the trail you will see seven beautiful waterfalls, both smaller and larger, abandoned mining shafts, Napoleon's Bridge, Kotli, numerous lakes, various flowers. Leggings, sandwiches and tea, coffee, juice in a backpack, good mood, light clothes, cheerful company, cameras or mobile phones

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ISTRIADUCTION In October| Weekend | Free Entrance Let's use a sunny day to explore. Let's walk along part of the railway towards Lupoglav, which is located near Zagrad, Kršan municipality. 500 meters of railway section will enchant you with its appearance. The material carried away by the torrents and the embankment under the railway turned it into an attraction that meanders up and down, hangs in the air, you can crawl under it, or sit under it and be part of a really unusual and rarely seen sight of what and how nature is able to a short time to make from the works of human hands. With beautiful views of Čepićko polje and the rocks above, simply indulge in enjoyment. The 52.7 km long line from Lupoglav to Stali (Raša) began to be built in 1948. It was opened on December 30, 1951, and passenger traffic was introduced in 1959, but was quickly discontinued due to the small number of passengers. The railway is primarily intended for the transport of Raska coal, bauxite and agricultural products from Čepići. Youth, volunteers and German prisoners took part in the construction. As the response to

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ISTRIADUCTION In August| Weekend | Pay per Entrance Petrapilos Castle Driving along the valley of the river Mirna in the direction of Buzet, turn into the accommodation of Žonti, where at the end of a narrow asphalt road you will be greeted by a thousand-year-old medieval fortress on a cliff above the valley of the river Bračana. After many years of renovation, the Pitrapilos Castle has reopened its doors to visitors ... Doors that open after buying tickets for 30 kuna .... Upon entering the space in front of the fort there is an interactive screen on which you can inform about the castle itself ... The journey into the past begins with the inscriptions of Peter Pilos, Petrapilos, Druvina, Rauenstein, ... Inside the castle you will be greeted by a knight in armor and greeted with the words - Welcome dear friend. I greet you at Petrapilos Castle! Exploring the interior and stretching the stairs that consist and look complete the experience of the castle, you reach the top of a twenty-meter high lookout tower with which you can see Sovinjak, the top of the bell tower on Zrenj, the valley of

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ISTRIADUCTION In May| No Working time| Free Entrance Colorful town .. Oprtalj ... Oprtalj is a picturesque town in central Istria, situated on a hill about 300 meters high, and has been mentioned since the beginning of the 12th century as the urban residence of the then feudal rulers and craftsmen. In addition to the sights that adorn Oprtalj, the surrounding area is also home to one legend, according to which the town of Zrenj was born. Jerome. There is a church in Zrenje dedicated to this saint, best known for translating the Bible into Latin. Coming to Oprtalj, one can see the beautiful scenery, old stone houses, forests, plateaus, as well as increasingly frequent tourist signposts for cyclists and food and wine lovers. [fusion_map api_type="" embed_address="" embed_map_type="roadmap" address="latlng=45.381525, 13.824246" type="roadmap" width="" height="" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" overlay_color="" static_map_color="" infobox_content="" infobox="default" infobox_text_color="" infobox_background_color="" icon="" icon_static="" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" id="" /] MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year | No working time | Free Entrance Svetvinčenat, Savicenta, San Vincenti, three names of the same place, starting from the name of the patron saint, the Hispanic martyr St. Vincent and the abbey of the same name around which the town developed. Valuable Benedictines pioneered the clearing of forests, cultivated red land, built a dwelling and a church, thus attracting the first settlers. Among the tall cypresses that hide the oldest preserved sacrilegious building, their old Ora et labora password is still murmuring today (pray and work). The area was, as it is today, devoid of watercourses, so the abbey was erected near a puddle that was drained only a few years ago (Suhaca). Savicenti may be full of apologies, but the most important thing is to experience it, to walk it, to experience it. Explore every corner because each one hides its story. Learn and experience history, myths and legends .. Learn all about the witch Mara, the mysterious knight .... Take a walk through the castle of Morosini Grimani and enjoy all its splendor, the view from the tower will not disappoint you. Relax on the most beautiful,

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 0-24h | Entry Fee The trip took me to Blaz Cove, the cove on the Raklja side of the Bay of Raša ... The bay, which is known for its former mills, which were almost level with the sea and were driven by fluids from a nearby still active source. Although no longer visible, there were roads that were once very important in Roman times, running between Rijeka and Pula. Today, the Blaz is known for its natural habitat for mussels, which unfortunately due to their negligent picking, are decaying and fewer and fewer of them, as evidenced by the coast full of shells. The bay is worth enjoying along with your family and friends, and who knows, you might find a piece of unexplored history. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year | Weekend 12 - 19h | Pay per Entrance Sanc Theme Park. Michael is located on a beautiful 26,000 square meter property, just 3 km west of Svetvincenat in Rapanji. In addition to the impressive building made by the owners themselves, the Otočan family also offers a carousel, torture devices, a witch's dungeon, a souvenir shop and many other interesting features typical of the Middle Ages. Visitors can also try shooting a medieval bow and arrow. Being able to enjoy the natural environment and socialize with animals is an unforgettable experience. Visitors can also enjoy delicious dishes and drinks made from authentic earthenware made by a nice chef and his assistants and court ladies to serve you. Also on Tuesdays and Thursdays, he can actively participate in the play, in which brave knights demonstrate their knowledge and skill in handling swords and other weapons. And do not forget that somewhere in the corner of the castle, the enchanted Princess Aurora makes her secret beverage with which she has a plan to poison all the inhabitants of the castle, as well as some visitors ... Come and use the day in

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