ISTRIADUCTION June - August | Free Entrance Outside Istria, all roads lead to Rome, but in Istria all roads lead to Žminj, is one of the lessons that can be heard from the guide Karla Čerljenko Bulić on this season's free guided tour of Žminj called Žminjska šturija. And much more can be seen and learned through a short, only one-hour circular walk through the old town of Žminj: what do the remains of three concentric circles of the former Žminj defensive walls look like; which is the oldest non-sacral building in Žminj; why the interiors of the country churches were painted with frescoes and what is the usual order of the scenes depicted on them; how once the roofs of houses were covered with stone slates; what is it called, why is it called that and what does the oldest preserved Žminj city street look like; what happened to the only saved wooden altar from the church in Žminj that was destroyed in a fire a long time ago; where people gathered in Žminj in the past and where and on what occasions they gather today; how history and modernity intertwine in