ISTRIADUCTION March | Pay per Entrance In the smallest city in the world, Hum, the family distillery Aura from Buzet opened the Museum of Hum Aura, where they united the life, customs and traditions of northern Istria, primarily Hum and its surroundings. In 11 thematic areas, there are 1,500 exhibits from the former daily life of Hum - an old pharmacy, school, post office, shop, distillery, cobbler, carpenter, tailor, mill, and rooms dedicated to frescoes and Glagolitic script. Pet is an interactive space, so you can print a postcard in Glagolitic letters at school, and send it to your home address at the post office. Visitors can make their own crema, especially coffee beans and grind them in an old grinder, and in the old distillery they can fill and label their personalized bisque. On the ground floor of the museum is the Distillery bar Aura, where visitors can enjoy the smells and tastes of the world's smallest menu served at the prefect's table in the City Lodge or in the interior of the bar carefully decorated with antiques. Various Aura products are on offer: 25 types of brandies and liqueurs, 4 types

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ISTRIADUCTION March | Free Entrance In Buzet, in the century-old basement of the National House, there is the family distillery Aura. In the uniquely decorated interior, visitors can see the production process of brandy, liqueurs, gin and jams. Visitors can see and experience the entire process from fruit fermentation, distillation, fruit maceration, brandy aging, to filling, labeling and packaging. In addition to the production part of the distillery, there is also a store where you can find all Aura products, as well as a tasting area for groups or individual visitors. The offer includes brandies and liqueurs made from sage, carob, olive and almond, dogwood, rose petals, wild pear, wild apple, peppermint, plum, bitter wormwood, wild fruit, dried fig, as well as essential biska, honey grappa, herbal grappa, bianca brandies. and moscato and Biska Extra and Millefrutti brandy. There are also Aura's multiple award-winning Teranino and Gin Karbun, as well as its two versions Gin Karbun Sea limited edition with the addition of pine needles, and Gin Karbun Navy Strength which enchants with its exceptional strength with an alcohol percentage of 58.5%. The offer also includes new products, refreshing Limoncello and Orancello, Fernet

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ISTRIADUCTION February | All Year | Free Entrance The Sopot waterfall near Buzet in the village of Strana is known for a hole at the top of a rock from which water falls. You will often hear or read the name Copot for this waterfall, but Sopot is correct. From the top of the rock there is a view of Buzet, and for those with a more adventurous spirit there are climbing ropes. [fusion_map api_type="" embed_address="" embed_map_type="roadmap" address="latlng= 45.414847575732054, 13.996760999999998" type="roadmap" width="" height="" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" overlay_color="" static_map_color="" infobox_content="" infobox="default" infobox_text_color="" infobox_background_color="" icon="" icon_static="" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" id="" /] MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION February | All Year | Free Entrance You want to walk along with the most beautiful, most famous, most attractive, as easy as it is demanding trail in Istria. Then the obligatory trail is seven waterfalls in Buzet. Although you can go at any time of year, it is definitely recommended in autumn, winter or early spring when there is water on the waterfalls but again not immediately after heavy rains as some parts of the trail will not be able to cross due to slippery terrain and larger streams you have to cross. The trail is about 15 kilometers long, easy walks (depending on fitness) and lasts about 5 hours. The trail of seven waterfalls is a circular trail that starts at the trim trail near Buzet Brewery, ie on the left side of the river Mirna (in that direction you are guided by signs along the entire trail). Along the trail you will see seven beautiful waterfalls, both smaller and larger, abandoned mining shafts, Napoleon's Bridge, Kotli, numerous lakes, various flowers. Leggings, sandwiches and tea, coffee, juice in a backpack, good mood, light clothes, cheerful company, cameras or mobile phones

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ISTRIADUCTION In August| Weekend | Pay per Entrance Petrapilos Castle Driving along the valley of the river Mirna in the direction of Buzet, turn into the accommodation of Žonti, where at the end of a narrow asphalt road you will be greeted by a thousand-year-old medieval fortress on a cliff above the valley of the river Bračana. After many years of renovation, the Pitrapilos Castle has reopened its doors to visitors ... Doors that open after buying tickets for 30 kuna .... Upon entering the space in front of the fort there is an interactive screen on which you can inform about the castle itself ... The journey into the past begins with the inscriptions of Peter Pilos, Petrapilos, Druvina, Rauenstein, ... Inside the castle you will be greeted by a knight in armor and greeted with the words - Welcome dear friend. I greet you at Petrapilos Castle! Exploring the interior and stretching the stairs that consist and look complete the experience of the castle, you reach the top of a twenty-meter high lookout tower with which you can see Sovinjak, the top of the bell tower on Zrenj, the valley of

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year | No working time | Free Entrance ‘The Seven Waterfalls Trail’ will show all of Istria’s mystic beauty in all seasons: its greenery and rich vegetation will leave you breathless during the summer, whilst in the autumn rainfall fills the river and creates an engulfing babble of water, breaking over the rocks. In the wintertime frozen water droplets create an unusual perspective, and the first rays of the sun lure seasonal messengers and the first animals to the light in springtime. The circular trail that starts and ends in Buzet (close to the Istrian water supply system). The trail is 14 km long and will take you around 5 hours to cross it. Difficulty is medium. Waterfalls (height): Zagon (5 m) Bačva (8 m) Vela peć (26.5 m) Mala peć (4 m) Kotli (12 m) Zelenšćak - also called Ispod stare kave (7.9 m) Grjok (8.2 m) MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 12:30 - 19:30 h | Free Entrance Tavern Kotlić is above the Kotli waterfalls. We enjoyed very much relaxed atmosphere, view of waterfalls and its sound. Good food and very funny stuff. The perfect place for rest and have a good and tasty lunch. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 0-24h | Free Entrance Roč was established in prehistoric times as a settlement. The fortification was built in the Middle Ages and was mentioned for the first time in a written document in 1064. From the 12th to 15th century Roč developed into an urban settlement. Until 20th century Roč was one of the most important Croatian literacy, printing and publishing centres-based on the oldest Croatian alphabet, called „glagoljica“. In Roč the first Croatian printed book Milas from 1483 was prepared for printing according Duke Novaks Missla from 1368, which has kept in Nugla at that time. Hence, in Roč Tourist office there is a replica of Gutenbergs printing press. [fusion_map address="latlng=45.39355920185182,14.046684358947004" type="roadmap" width="" height="" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" overlay_color="" infobox_content="" infobox="default" infobox_text_color="" infobox_background_color="" icon="" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" id="" /] MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 0-24h | Free Entrance   SOPOT WATERFALL, BUZET | Second highest waterfall in Istria with height of 30 metres. It is located in area of village Strana near Buzet. From road Čiritež - Buzet you have to make a turn to village Strana. First you'll arrive in village Brgad, but you have to pass through it, drive around one kilometer on macadam road and when you arrive back on asphalt road you are already in village Strana and there's the first guide mark for Sopot Climbing (Penjalište Sopot in Croatian). Then you have to drive around 500 metres down the hill and shortly you'll arrive to second guide mark, with same text. There you can leave your car and you have approximately 10 minutes of walk in waterfall direction. Once you arrive to the waterfall you'll be delighted with beauty of the nature, it truly is like in paradise. The waterfall passes through the hole that water carved into the stone and the sight from down under is magnificent. The waterfall is rarely active, only during rainy periods and is also known as climbing spot. Because of its beauty, climbers named

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