ISTRIADUCTION December | Free Entrance ISTRIAN STEAK IN KONOBA KAŽUN IN PULA Tavern Kažun is located along the roundabout in Šijana when entering the city of Pula. In front of the tavern, there is a parking lot which is not charged for carefree parking of your car. The view of the tavern itself is interesting because the entrance itself was created in the style of Kažun - Istrian round field shelters, built in the technique of drywall, made of natural stone. The tavern itself exudes a pleasant atmosphere with various elements from the culture of Istrian customs. At the entrance, you can see tools and accessories from Istrian vineyards, folk costumes, bukaleta, and an open and closed fireplace. They offer a variety of fish, meat, homemade pasta, and desserts. The star of the story is a grilled Istrian steak served with mushrooms and chard. Such a steak is a combination of pork fillet, prosciutto, and cheese combined with olive oil and spices. The ambiance in the tavern is warm, although it is located near the main road, no traffic is felt because it is surrounded by olive trees and a yard. An additional

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ISTRIADUCTION December | Free Entrance Just a 10 minute drive from Pula city centre and a couple of minutes away from Pula airport  you can taste the prized Istrian cheeses of Vesna Loborika. Once you arrive at the tavern in  Loborika the best you can do is to order the cheese board for starter. Since I’m a pasta lover, for the main course I tried the Vesna’s homemade Ravioli with cheese which were very tasty and cheesy as I expected it to be. My wife ordered local pasta fuži  with truffles which were a nice mixture of cream and truffles. After lunch we headed to the cheese shop next by and bought some of their cheeses and olive oil.  The waiter told us that they have shops in Pula  central market and Veruda market as well. We will surely visit them in the future. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION September| Free Entrance Not far from Pazin, there is a tavern Bani on the hill above Pazin. With a view of Lindar and large parking, the place is ideal for an escape from the crowds and tasting traditional food in the heart of Istria. Before entry, you will see a large court where you can sit outside in a covered place or in a tavern inside next to the fireplace. In the offer, there is Istrian prosciutto, cheese all possible pasta from gnocchi, ravioli and pljukanci. In the end, various pancakes are offered and homemade brandy is not to be missed. Tips: They also have gluten-free and vege dishes offer. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION September| Free Entrance Two days festival of cheese and goats in Svetvinčenat with local experience from Istria. In the center of Svetvinčenat, you can taste various cheeses: Goat milk cheese, sheep milk cheese, and cow milk cheese. In front of the castle of Morosini Grimani you can relax, buy and taste the best cheese of the Festival, the Champion of the festival. After cheese tasting, there was a Selection of Miss and Mister Goat. There you can take a photo with friendly goats, feed them and touch them. Tips: Try beer Kampanjola it's the local beer from Savičenta. :) MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION September| Free Entrance Amazing truffle dishes in Gradinje near Livade is the best way to taste local gastro star, Truffle. In front of the tavern is a huge parking place with a shade above the parking lot to leave your car safe. After the first view of the house where is placed tavern we found the perfect place on the terrace. The locals told us to try truffle with meat and pasta. We ordered Rampsteak with truffle and the gnocchi with chopped truffle above all and it was delicious. Very friendly staff offered us sweet and the local grappa. Tips: You can go with the dog, the tavern is dog friendly (terrace) MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION In May | Weekend | Free Entrance Welcome! A stone house was built in 1904 by the family Modrušan, in the village of Smoljanci near the renaissance town of Svetvinčenat. Two Modrušan brothers had many family members. Everybody was working hard and was taking care of the domestic animals, as pigs and goats. Also built in 1904, is the private residence and šterna (water tank), that represents a prime example of traditional Istrian architecture. In the past, the local villagers went to take water from the water tank. The water tank was at the time a precious good that only rich families could afford. We (family Moll) bought and renovated the stone house in 1999 till 2003. Stancija 1904, located in the idyllic village of Smoljanci is located in the heart of Istria. The word “Stancija” means newly-renovated and fully-equipped traditional Istrian accommodation surrounded by untouched nature. The Istrian tradition is not only seen in the architecture but also in our authentic Istrian cuisine. The typical Istrian menu  features home-made herb bread baked in a bread-oven, handmade pasta with truffles, asparagus, mushrooms and various meat sauces, maneštra, Istrian soup and traditional desserts thematically

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ISTRIADUCTION  In September | Working time: 11.00 - 24h | Pay per Entrance Fešta od fruti (Fruit Festival) is held in the place called Kaldir, near Motovun, at the end of September. At festival visitors can taste many fruit based sweets made by valuable members of the Kaldir Association, as well as buy products from local producers. This manifestation is the crown of the Kaldir's Fruit Market, held every other Sunday during the summer, where seasonal, freshly harvested fruits can be purchased. This year, the 11th Fruit Festival, Kaldir, takes place on Sunday, 29.9.2019. In Kaldir you can: Buy fresh homemade fruits and fruit products. Taste homemade marmalade, pancakes, applesauce, apples in beer dough and gnocchi with plums, but also fuži and pljukanci with stew. The program starts at 11am. You'll be entertained by the singers of Mali veliki mikrofon, the Bambus Band, the Malvazija Band and host Meri Simičić Beato. The program takes place under a tent and free shuttle service is provided from the parking lot to the festival. Adult ticket is 10,00 kn. This Sunday everyone are welcome in Kaldir at FEŠTA OF FRUTI!

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ISTRIADUCTION  May | Working time: All Day | Free Entrance The Festival in Kršan is the festival od Labinski krafi. Labinski krafi are sweet ravioli with a savory ragù or as a dessert.  The festival has a traditional program with local content. Tips: Try to buy different types of krafi to taste the difference between the recipes of each local "krafi maker". MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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