ISTRIADUCTION All Year  | No Working time | Free Entrance   Walking path called „staza 7 slapova“ is a round trail, 13.27km ( aprox. 5h / medium difficulty). It start and end beneath Buzet, at the bridge Mirna near Istarski Vodovod or Istarska Pivovara – Favorit. You can park you car there, armed yourself with food and drinks and take a walk on wild side of river Mirna and Draga. Offical rute : Buzet(Istarski Vodovod/ Istarska Pivovara - Favorit) - Selca - Glistonija - Kuhari - Kotli – Buzet (Istarski Vodovod/ Istarska Pivovara - Favorit). Marked with blue and red colour. Above is offical route, but we did It our way ;) It was not that easy to find the right way if you are not using mobile phone. Even the trail is not marked in this way it is definetly worth seeing it. The most difficult parts of trip are secured by ropes that make it easy to climb. Highest point on the track is 281m. It was sunny day, perfect for walk, at the bridge Mirna we went upstream to the north side of Mirna. After the first kilometer (+/-) you will notice a