ISTRIADUCTION In October| Weekend | Free Entrance Let's use a sunny day to explore. Let's walk along part of the railway towards Lupoglav, which is located near Zagrad, Kršan municipality. 500 meters of railway section will enchant you with its appearance. The material carried away by the torrents and the embankment under the railway turned it into an attraction that meanders up and down, hangs in the air, you can crawl under it, or sit under it and be part of a really unusual and rarely seen sight of what and how nature is able to a short time to make from the works of human hands. With beautiful views of Čepićko polje and the rocks above, simply indulge in enjoyment. The 52.7 km long line from Lupoglav to Stali (Raša) began to be built in 1948. It was opened on December 30, 1951, and passenger traffic was introduced in 1959, but was quickly discontinued due to the small number of passengers. The railway is primarily intended for the transport of Raska coal, bauxite and agricultural products from Čepići. Youth, volunteers and German prisoners took part in the construction. As the response to

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ISTRIADUCTION  May | Working time: All Day | Free Entrance The Festival in Kršan is the festival od Labinski krafi. Labinski krafi are sweet ravioli with a savory ragù or as a dessert.  The festival has a traditional program with local content. Tips: Try to buy different types of krafi to taste the difference between the recipes of each local "krafi maker". MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year | Working time: 12 - 23h | Free Entrance The tavern is one of the best choices on the eastern side of Istria. Stare Staze has a pleasant and beautiful relaxing ambiance with a wide gastronomic offer. Lamb shank is recommended, as well as ravioli and other pasta. The interior is very warmly created and the service is high class. Tips & Warnings Try truffle ice cream and teranino. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION The Plomin Bay, a narrow bay on the eastern coast of Istria, is 3.4 km long, 0.3 km wide, deep up to 51 m. The lime sides are very steep. At the north-east coastline, at the foot of the Učka peak of Sisola (833 m), passes the coastal road Pula-Rijeka. The port is used for landing coal. [fusion_map address="latlng=45.13263744303914,14.180983901023865" type="roadmap" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" infobox="default" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" /] MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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