ISTRIADUCTION December | Free Entrance One of the best fish taverns in Istria is located in Banjole. An ideal example of a combination of local gastronomic offers and a nice ambiance. Arrival at the tavern was announced in advance and a table was waiting for us on the terrace. We offer freshly caught fish and seafood. The offer for starters includes a colorful range of fish, including sardines, flounder, octopus, shark, and sardines, all dosed and presented by a friendly waiter. After the starter, we tasted homemade shrimp ravioli in bisque and grilled scallops. For the very end, we took grilled mixed fish from "orada" to "trilja". Recommended for all fish lovers and people who like to treat their palates to local delicacies. Tip: try the desserts because they are all nice and there is a wide selection. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION February | All Year | Free Entrance Medulin pond is a small lake inhabited by various animal and plant species. The first records of the pond date from 1563. It used to be connected to the sea by a canal, so the old Medulin people hunted eels in a pond. As things stand now the water is less than before and there is no mixing with the sea water, but even now the puddle can be up to 7 meters deep in the central part. With such a deep pond, it can be said that Medulin has a little "lake" atmosphere in addition to the sea. Today there are about 20 feathered animals, there are turtles in the pond that approach people who come nearby. and a pair of herons.An ideal place to let your brain graze and enjoy the oasis of nature.According to the data of Regional Express in this beautiful place we can thank Marin Saric who brought the animals from Slavonia. [fusion_map api_type="" embed_address="" embed_map_type="roadmap" address="latlng= 44.812697968790595, 13.942374587059021" type="roadmap" width="" height="" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" overlay_color="" static_map_color="" infobox_content="" infobox="default" infobox_text_color="" infobox_background_color="" icon="" icon_static="" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" id=""

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ISTRIADUCTION August | Summer| Pay per Entrance Rt Kamenjak is a protected nature area located in the southernmost part of the Istrian peninsula. Between dinosaur trails, secluded beaches, beautiful landscapes, sea caves, and islands – it's impossible to be bored. Kayaking is a great way to explore this area, especially the islands and the sea caves. It's even more enjoyable on hot summer days when you don't feel like walking in the heat. Istrakayak is one of the companies you can rent kayaks from or participate in guided tours to the sea caves. The starting point is Školjić ,a small bay inside the park, fairly close to the islands and the caves. When participating in a guided tour, you'll sightsee all the beauties directly from the sea while paddling. You can expect to swim in the crystal clear water inside the cave and observe the sea life when snorkeling. It's a great feeling being able to come that close to the underwater world. Right next to the cave, there are cliffs everybody loves to jump from and feed their adrenaline. Also, there's a lot of interesting facts you'll find out from the local

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ISTRIADUCTION In May | Weekend | Free Entrance If you are in Premantura you must visit this place. It's a crazy sort of prefabricated hut completely hidden in a maze of bamboo grass. It is situated in nature, there you will find lots of shade and the playground for kids. Tips: You can get there free with a bike or just walk, with a car you need to pay entrance for the Cape Kamenjak. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | No Working time| Free Entrance Porer lighthouse near Premantura was built in 1833 and is situated on a small islet southwest from the cape Kamenjak. Take a tour around islet or just go on it. Tips: Please have in mind that there is open sea and around the islet, it's strong current if you go swimming. [fusion_map api_type="" embed_address="" embed_map_type="roadmap" address="latlng=44.757956, 13.890935" type="roadmap" width="" height="" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" overlay_color="" static_map_color="" infobox_content="" infobox="default" infobox_text_color="" infobox_background_color="" icon="" icon_static="" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" id="" /] MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION All year | No Working time | Free Entry The seaside promenade is ideal for families with small kids or pets to take a walk. There is plenty of pine forest shade which offers awesome shelter from the sunny sky. The trails are perfect for sports activities like a bike, run or just to make training. It is also a fine way to scout for beautiful secluded beaches when you’re not comfortable with the crowded ones. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  In June | No Working time | Free Entrance Who doesn’t like to fish when you are in Istria?! We love fishing as a sport and as the time to relax. After we bought a permit we went to the Gornji Kamenjak. It was a wonderful day for fishing. First, you will see beautiful landscapes merged with sun, sea, and nature. After a couple of beautiful photos, it is time to find the right place to set all your fishing gear. We bought the bait and ready to throw it into the sea. With a small fishing school, the German was ready to catch his fish. And after a few hours, we caught “oradela” and then the “baraj” (local names). After a few minutes of photographing the fish were returned to the sea as catch & release. Tips For fishing you need to get a permit so you should plan that before you go fishing. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 7-22h | Pay per Entrance   CAPE KAMENJAK is the southernmost cape of Istria. Kamenjak is a protruding piece of land delving deep into the sea, some six kilometers long with the average width of about a kilometre. Kamenjak rugged coastline, some 30 kilometers long consist of numerous bay and various beaches forming an area of exceptional natural beauty including 11 unhabitated islands.  Due to its exceptional natural values, the peninsula consisted of Upper and Lower Kamenjak was declared a protected area in 1996 and has been managed since by Public institution of Kamenjak. Lonely Planet wrote this about Cape Kamenjak in 2012: "It′s the wild rugged beauty and end-of-the-world vibe of this small peninsula just south of Pula that earned it cult status among Croatian beach goers. An undevelpoed protected nature reserve, Kamenjak showcases a carpet full of  health plants, shurbs  and wildflowers criss-crossed by a maze of dirt tracks running through it all. It′s fringed by a string of peeble bays and secluded rocky beaches, surrounded by crystalline blue-green sea. Its get busy in summer but there′s always an empty beach to escape to, plus a fun beach bar for socialising."

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ISTRIADUCTION  In August | No Working time| Free Entrance   Slackline is a relatively young and new activity of walking a polyester webbing, in this case it was highline. We are a small growing community in Croatia and this is how a highline weekends looks like. Pictures from the unreal place of Cave Romane.  Lenght of line 70m, height aprox. 30m. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  In July | Working time: 19-03h | Free Entrance Hook and Cook team made a unique gastro event on the fishing dock in Medulin. This event is the creation of Sea and food enthusiasts and they merged strength to bring fresh Tuna to the streets. First, we had to buy coupons too, so we could try something from gastro offer. There you can try refreshing summer combination of Tuna burger served with seasonal vegetables. Also on offer is Hot Tuna steak in the form of a hot dog and lovely Sardines Corndela. Matching food with beer can lift a dish and so we tried craft beer Gortan. The event is great to visit and try the delicious Seafood and craft beer. Tips: If you are really hungry, visit the event earlier because it's a big hit. [fusion_map address="latlng=44.818834, 13.931048" type="roadmap" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" infobox="default" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" /] MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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