ISTRIADUCTION In August | Weekend | Free Entrance The part of Istria that is definitely worth visiting in the summer months is definitely Rakalj. He delighted me. I was on two beaches; Kalavojni and Luki beaches. Kalavojna can be reached by car to the beach. On one side are huge rocks where people sunbathe, while on the other side of the shore are small pebbles with trees that create a pleasant shade when it gets hot. The sea is clean and beautiful blue. The best thing is that although the beach looks great, it is not crowded with people and it is always possible to find your own place to enjoy it. Luka beach is located towards Stari Rakalj. It can be reached in two ways. You can either leave the car on the road above the beach and walk to the bottom of the path (approx. 20min) or you can walk along the path of Sjepan Hauser, where the beach is then part of the path. Along the coast there is an old, sunken ship which is an attraction in itself, so it's cool to dive to it and explore it a

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