TOP 10 TAVERNS BY VISITORS The opinion of the visitors who come to our guidebook Istriago is extremely important to us, and we have taken into account the reviews of our attractions that fall into the gastro category. Istriago currently has more than 50 gastronomic attractions that were created from the local experience of our members. In the heart of Istria's gastronomic wealth, taverns become real gems that delight with their affordable prices, while at the same time offering excellent food quality. Those looking for the best taverns in Istria and lovers of affordable but delicious food will not be disappointed. The best taverns in Istria are not always the ones with high prices, but those that balance quality with affordable options. Here, within the Istrian region, you discover hidden gems, i.e. local taverns that provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience. With the authentic flavors of Istria, the tavern often becomes a favorite destination for those looking for exceptional enjoyment with a local recommendation. AGRO + TOURISM In Istria, agrotourism villages become epicenters where traditional food is prepared with local products, often grown on the estate itself. Visitors can enjoy food that comes straight from the field to the table,

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year| Working Time: 14-22h | Free Entrance The Istrian “ombolo” is inevitable in the Istrian gastronomy. Among the Istrian ham, the “ombolo” was consumed only in a special situation when a family hosted friends or guests. Konoba Marino offers very appreciated meal from the cul ( back) of the Istrian pig. Also, there is a nice offer of homemade pasta, wine, and delicious Maneštra soup. Wooden tables and chairs are close to the fire place and all mix with traditional ambient of Istria. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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