ISTRIADUCTION February | Pay per Entrance Aquarium Pula is a beautiful attraction located in the tourist part of the town of Pula, Verudela. On arrival, we came across a parking lot for both cars and bicycles. The Aquarium is located in the old Austro-Hungarian fortress, which is more than 130 years old, thus bringing together the sea and military history of the city of Pula. The fort itself was created on several floors with a scout at the very top where you can see the Pješčana Uvala, Fratarski island, and the whole part around the fort. At the entrance, there is a fan shop where you can buy souvenirs or other products related to the sea, Pula, and the aquarium. Upon entering we came across several outdoor pools containing crabs and colorful sea fish. The aquarium itself has a concept that covers not only the Adriatic Sea but also other water experiences. Get to know the aquatic world of the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, tropical beauties and, in addition to salt, they also have freshwater content along the North Sea. The efforts that the employees of Aquarium Pula contribute to the maintenance and development