ISTRIADUCTION From October to March | No Working time | Free (Licence)   Some people still do not believe that they can catch squid from the shore. To begin, we came to the shore before sunset to prepare for the period when squid is active. We made a selection of our huge range of squid jig. From the range of colors, we chose the red jig in the hope that it will be a winning jig. Generally, jigs start at 2.2 and go to 4.0. You can buy smaller and much larger sizes but for targeting squids these sizes are best for us and that’s what you will find at the local tackle store. These numbers reflect length not weight, however, you can use common sense and understand that a 4.0 jig will sink faster than a 2.5. So choose jigs based on the water depth you’re fishing. We used a rod, a reel, squid jig and after a few launches here is our first Adriatic squid. After we had somehow drawn to the shore and taken off the jig, we repeated the same procedure. The domestic squid is really a truly delicious morsel and