ISTRIADUCTION Mussels are popular shellfish, accessible, edible, and suitable for countless tasty dishes. How to choose great mussels?....shells must not be chipped, broken or damage. Fresh mussels tend to be tightly open or closed. If mussels are still open after you tap it they are dead. Throw it away! Tip: It should be eaten on the day of purchase. How to prepare it?....To clean mussels, scrub in plenty of cold water to remove barnacles or sand. Discard any that float to the top. Remove a fibrous clump of hairs that sprouts from the shell - by giving it a sharp tug towards the hinge end of the mussel. Place cleaned mussels in a fresh bowl of cold water until ready to use. Change this water two or three times to remove any salt or sand that the mussels may expel.  How to cook it? is very easy and simple to cook. Mostly time it is lost on preparation. Before you start to cook you need to get ready following things: tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, wine, brad - crumbs and parsley. Now we are ready to put mussels into big pot and start cooking. While cooking put wine, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, brad- crumbs, parsley and mix everything. ( not put all

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ISTRIADUCTION Saturday morning jumped out of bed and put on my clothes. Got in my car and raced like I’m driving Formula 1, all the way to Grandma House. Knocked on the door with smile on my face looking at the Grandma place, Paz - Cerovlje. (Remix version of Magic – Rude) Hello, sweet child of mine, come on in and let’s make Ravioli with cheese. I’m going to show you how Grandma does it. Before we start wash your hands, put an apron and let’s get ready to rumble! It is Grandma home so you should know before we start there is going to be a plenty of Ravioli at the end, nobody is going home hungry. First we need to make Ravioli dough. Place flour mixture on a board (1kg.), making a well in the center of the flour. Beat the eggs (2 eggs) slightly and drop it into the flour well. Combine the eggs and flour together, adding enough water to make dough. Water should be lukewarm (not too cold and not too warm).Knead dough well, until it gets smooth. Cover the dough, so that cannot run away and start grinding cheese. Work

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