ISTRIADUCTION In September| Weekend | Pay per Entrance Another jewel of our beautiful Istria is certainly Cape Kamenjak. The southernmost point of Istria, indented coast, beautiful beaches and blue sea, is certainly something worth enjoying. Entrance to the cape itself is charged, and the ticket price depends on the means of transport (it is free for pedestrians) and the number of days on which the ticket is purchased. The ticket for one day, for a car is 80kn and that day you can stay at the cape until 22h. Along with the ticket itself, you will also receive an information brochure and two garbage bags. Since the cape itself has many beaches, our choice this time was Toreta beach. The beach is located on the open sea, has a view of a small island and a lighthouse behind it, the sea is crystal clear, as evidenced by the presence of sea urchins in the shallows. Due to the fact that it is a wild beach, access to the sea was not very accessible, so for all future visitors I recommend wearing some kind of water slippers. The beach itself has little shade so