ISTRIADUCTION March | Pay per Entrance In the smallest city in the world, Hum, the family distillery Aura from Buzet opened the Museum of Hum Aura, where they united the life, customs and traditions of northern Istria, primarily Hum and its surroundings. In 11 thematic areas, there are 1,500 exhibits from the former daily life of Hum - an old pharmacy, school, post office, shop, distillery, cobbler, carpenter, tailor, mill, and rooms dedicated to frescoes and Glagolitic script. Pet is an interactive space, so you can print a postcard in Glagolitic letters at school, and send it to your home address at the post office. Visitors can make their own crema, especially coffee beans and grind them in an old grinder, and in the old distillery they can fill and label their personalized bisque. On the ground floor of the museum is the Distillery bar Aura, where visitors can enjoy the smells and tastes of the world's smallest menu served at the prefect's table in the City Lodge or in the interior of the bar carefully decorated with antiques. Various Aura products are on offer: 25 types of brandies and liqueurs, 4 types