ISTRIADUCTION March | Free Entrance Asparagus harvesting in Galižana does not actually define the place Galižana, but the entire surrounding area, from the bush to the forest. You can read about asparagus itself and more about its characteristics here. Asparagus in spring is one of the first things that comes to mind when we talk about gastronomic delicacies. In order to add asparagus to a frittata or other dish, you need to take a short walk in nature and pick some wild asparagus plants. For the actual harvesting of asparagus, we suggest that you wear clothes that are not the latest, because the terrain and the environment where they are located are often dense and difficult to walk through. For the harvest itself, you need the will and a bit of movement through nature, which offers a combination of recreation and entertainment, and finally gastronomic delicacies. There are various theories and practices on how to find asparagus, but one of the better guidelines is to follow the asparagus, i.e. the asparagus bush itself. If you don't like harvesting asparagus, you can always go to a tavern where there are various menus with asparagus.

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ISTRIADUCTION  In August | Working time: All day| Free Entrance Snails Festival - Festa delle cioche - Fešta od puži is hold every year in mid-august (15.08.). Traditional festival of the snail is place where you can taste various snail specialties. Due to the highly prized meat snails dishes are considered a delicacy. Snails are prepared according to traditional recipes. During the day you have in the city a lot of things from photo exhibitions, different performance, race on ball bearing vehicle, bike tour, music, etc... One of traditional main event is as local call it “zamašćeni stup” , definitely have to see it. There is a lottery at end of the day (around 23:00 +/-), wait and see how lucky you are. [fusion_map address="latlng=44.93142360341199,13.869091633565403" type="roadmap" width="" height="" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" overlay_color="" infobox_content="" infobox="default" infobox_text_color="" infobox_background_color="" icon="" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" id="" /] MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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