ISTRIADUCTION In August | All Year | Free Entrance MOTOVUN - At the very top of Motovun, on the main Motovun square named Andrea Antico, the Antico City Printing House, named after Andrea Antico da Montona, a famous publisher, composer and music printer, was born in Motovun at the end of the 15th century. City printing house Antico offers a unique production of autochthonous Motovun souvenir in the traditional technique of hand printing on a replica of the medieval Gutenberg machine - press, with the possibility of your own choice of motifs and accompanying personal messages to forever immortalize your memory of a day spent in Motovun. The motifs of graphics and illustrations range from the idyllic depictions of Motovun to fairy tales and legends of the Istrian region. The paper used to print the unique souvenir is also the result of handwork, because each sheet contains a part of the Motovun forest thanks to fallen vegetation collected and processed in the workshop of Master Janez, a famous Slovenian master of medieval hand printing, from whom he personally learned about this unique craft. and the initiator of the Motovun printing house. The working