ISTRIADUCTION September| Free Entrance Grožnjan is the city of art, music, and good vibes. This medieval town offers an amazing view of surrounding Istrian villages, Mirna, and the nature of Istria. Walkthrough the old town of Grožnjan and explore the art experience of local artists. Tips: Before the old town there is the photo point to the old town panorama. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION January| Weekend | Free Entrance Butori Abyss is located right next to the road of Butori and you do not have much walking to the destination but everything is close. As soon as you leave your car, a few meters walk and it brings you to a picturesque and poetic place. You will see a small picturesque waterfall, an abyss and a lake that has a beautiful color even in winter (this shows how clean and untouched the place is). Of course, in this place there are smaller abysses and an old abandoned mill and a canal through which water comes and flows into a beautiful waterfall of 10 m. If you are looking for a quiet and safe place this is definitely a destination you must visit. The waterfall is fenced with a safe fence so you can take the kids on a day trip, and if you go alone and are an adventurer then at your own risk you cross the fence and take the best shots of this picturesque waterfall. Also, when mentioning the poetic place, I want to say that in the evening summer hours, poets gather to

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ISTRIADUCTION In September| Weekend | Free Entrance Did you know that Istria also has its own desert? Near the town of Šterna not far from Grožnjan is the 'Istrian desert', which consists of "dunes" of marl or tašela, as this fine-grained sedimentary rock is often called in Istria. Although in Istria, especially in its central and northern part, we often come across such parts of the landscape, here we are talking about a unique concentration of such forms on a fairly large area. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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