ISTRIADUCTION March | Free Entrance Asparagus harvesting in Galižana does not actually define the place Galižana, but the entire surrounding area, from the bush to the forest. You can read about asparagus itself and more about its characteristics here. Asparagus in spring is one of the first things that comes to mind when we talk about gastronomic delicacies. In order to add asparagus to a frittata or other dish, you need to take a short walk in nature and pick some wild asparagus plants. For the actual harvesting of asparagus, we suggest that you wear clothes that are not the latest, because the terrain and the environment where they are located are often dense and difficult to walk through. For the harvest itself, you need the will and a bit of movement through nature, which offers a combination of recreation and entertainment, and finally gastronomic delicacies. There are various theories and practices on how to find asparagus, but one of the better guidelines is to follow the asparagus, i.e. the asparagus bush itself. If you don't like harvesting asparagus, you can always go to a tavern where there are various menus with asparagus.

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ISTRIADUCTION March | Free Entrance Puč - the water source in Vošteni is a wonderful place located in nature in Vošteni. After a good meal in the tavern, it is necessary to take a short walk in nature. It is a 10-minute walk from the tavern along the road itself. The source was created with stone blocks and is located more than ten meters below the surface of the earth. It is interesting that the water accumulates in stone basins, and it is said that the water comes out all the way to the Lim channel. Tips: Take something to eat and drink because there is a stone table at the top, which is ideal for gathering with friends and family. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION March | Free Entrance On the way back along the old road from Lovran to Pula, we stopped at the Tri Murve restaurant. Tavern Tri Murve is in Vozilići near Plomin and is a combination of old and modern interiors. The food is homemade and praiseworthy. We tried beef soup, pljukance in goulash and the local delicacy Krafi in orange sauce. The hosts are friendly, but what kind of restaurant would it be without a good waiter. The waiter is not for five but for ten. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION February | Free Entrance U veljači putevima Šišana nailazi se predivno prirodno povlačenje nivoa mora na obali iliti oseka. Uloga Mjeseca i utjecaj gravitacijskih sila na Zemlju dolazi do  povlačenje vodenih masa (more) te se takvi prizori mogu uvidjeti na samoj obali. Duž obale Šišana mogu se uvidjeti kako se more povuklo i ostavilo na "suhom" obalu i samim time produžilo plaže. Put duž obale može se s autom voziti i čak iz auta mogu se fotografirati uvale, hridi i panorame Šišana. Put spaja Šišan i Ližnjan tako da postoji obostrani ulaz ili izlaz s obale. Šetanjem uz samu obalu nalazi se mnogo morskih algi, puževa, priljepaka, puževa i čak pokoja riba ostane na suhom pa je slobodno vratite u more ako nije problem prići ribi jer su oštre stijene. Uvala Kala je miješana kamenjem i pijeskom i ona najviše prikazuje utjecaj oseke na izgled uvale. Šišanske uvale većinom su u kombinaciji oblutak i stijena pa se može lakše pristupiti za odličnu fotografiju. Tips : Ukoliko vidite plastične boce pokupite!

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ISTRIADUCTION December | Free Entrance From Puntera to the Raša valley The new Barban walking trail starts at Puntera. It moves downhill on a white winding road all the way to the Raša valley. Along the trail, there are plaques with interesting facts about the area. As well as the fact that the Raški kanal is 12 kilometers long and 1 kilometer wide. And views of the bay and fields are inevitable for a photo keepsake. These are the only fields in Istria below sea level, drained during the rule of Italy, in the late twenties of last century, and between the war they fed the population. If you want, you can continue your journey to Blaz, where we will find several choices. A short stream used to drive a mill, and today only stone remains remain. That’s where the road stops and we head back the same way. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION June| 01.06.-31.08. | Pay per Entrance In the Mon Perin camp near Bale (12 minutes by car (7.1 km)) there is a Paleo Park blend of history and water enjoyment. The perfect place to present water and Paleo theme park with dinosaur-shaped pools for a family holiday. Before entering the camp, it is necessary to pay the entrance fee with a vehicle and then the entrance to the park itself is charged per person. The camp itself can be reached by bicycle and in front of the park, there is a parking lot for bicycles. At the very entrance, we noticed a restaurant where you can order pizza, burgers, various salads, and the like, and in the background 700 m2 of glittering surface of water attractions. The surface of the water park is 16,200 m2 with the contents of the water park: Relax pool, Children's pool, Family pool, hydromassage pool, hot tub. In addition to the pools can be seen in real size dinosaurs surrounding water surfaces with educational boards describing paleo history. Additionally: access to the pool is suitable for people with disabilities because there is a ramp to enter the

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ISTRIADUCTION April | All Year | Free Entrance Guardian of Rovinj and its surroundings. The Turnina Tower was built on the site of a prehistoric hillfort. The tower was built in late antiquity, which is confirmed by the barrel vaults. It was supposedly called Arupinum in antiquity. It was first mentioned in 789, when it was destroyed. [fusion_map api_type="" embed_address="" embed_map_type="roadmap" address="latlng= 45.09198574478116, 13.687398788059513" type="roadmap" width="" height="" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" overlay_color="" static_map_color="" infobox_content="" infobox="default" infobox_text_color="" infobox_background_color="" icon="" icon_static="" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" id="" /] MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION Have a question about attraction? We are here to provide the local Infos because travelers like to travel with us. Seriously, they do.” All Year| Weekend | Free Entrance Gdje s kućnim ljubimcem u Puli, Poreču, Rovinju a dosadno nam je? Istriago atrakcije su idealne za odlazak na mjesta gdje su kućni ljubimci dopušteni. Veliki broj atrakcija nudi odlazak s kućnim ljubimcem i na taj način to je predivno iskustvo i to lokalno kako za vas tako i za vaše ljubimca. Vaš kućni ljubimac može istražiti Istru jednako kao i ljudi čak i kvalitetnije ukoliko su mjesta prikladna za njihov dolazak. Istriago je napravi popis gdje su lokalni članovi istaknuli da je atrakcija prikladna za dolazak s kućnim ljubimcem. PLAŽE ZA PSE MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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