ISTRIADUCTION In August| Weekend | Pay per Entrance Petrapilos Castle Driving along the valley of the river Mirna in the direction of Buzet, turn into the accommodation of Žonti, where at the end of a narrow asphalt road you will be greeted by a thousand-year-old medieval fortress on a cliff above the valley of the river Bračana. After many years of renovation, the Pitrapilos Castle has reopened its doors to visitors ... Doors that open after buying tickets for 30 kuna .... Upon entering the space in front of the fort there is an interactive screen on which you can inform about the castle itself ... The journey into the past begins with the inscriptions of Peter Pilos, Petrapilos, Druvina, Rauenstein, ... Inside the castle you will be greeted by a knight in armor and greeted with the words - Welcome dear friend. I greet you at Petrapilos Castle! Exploring the interior and stretching the stairs that consist and look complete the experience of the castle, you reach the top of a twenty-meter high lookout tower with which you can see Sovinjak, the top of the bell tower on Zrenj, the valley of