ISTRIADUCTION All Year | No working time | Free Entrance Between Buzet and Motovun, lies a health spa Istarske toplice with massages, saunas and swimming pools, but the climber‘s gaze will drift to the rocks that surround it. There you can find spectacular climbing sector called Hallelujah Caves, equipped by living legend of world's climbing scene Gerhard Hoerhager and his friends. They also made a trail so everyone in good condition can climb to this magnificent place with overview on Mirna river's valley and picturesque Motovun. Author of the most difficult route is Klemen Bečan Bečko from Slovenia. Name of the route is Cavemen's Playground (difficulty grade 8c+). These are the directions to climb, from the trail author himself: "There is a trail going up what we made and we always parked on the end of the road in a old quarry. You drive in to the area from the thermae then go right to the end of the road and up an S curve on a gravel road (50m) in to the quarry and Park there. From there you can see a wire fence from a water reservoir, that's where the trail