ISTRIADUCTION In October| Weekend | Free Entrance Labin old town of Labin. The old town of Labin is the most beautiful part of east Istria. It's placed on the top hill of the medieval town of Labin. Yes Above Rabac bay you can find this fantastic history left. It's designed like a fort in front of the city with cannon and old stone architecture. The name Labin goes from Albona and is common to say Albona in that part of Istria. In Albona was born Illiricus Matthias Flacius known as the co-creator with Martin Luther.  In front of the old town, you will find an old gate with ancient details. Entering the door of the city goes stone road with little bit hard walkthrough walk. We made lots of photos of the rich cultural and architectural heritage of Labin. You will find a church, doors, gates, balcony, steps, stones, wood, colors, flowers, views, tower, as result is Labin. It's very secure and you will relax just walking through.

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ISTRIADUCTION  May | Working time: All Day | Free Entrance The Festival in Kršan is the festival od Labinski krafi. Labinski krafi are sweet ravioli with a savory ragù or as a dessert.  The festival has a traditional program with local content. Tips: Try to buy different types of krafi to taste the difference between the recipes of each local "krafi maker". MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year | No Working Time | Free Entrance Sentonina staza ( eng. Sentona´s trail) with the fresh scent of laurel and pine, the patron goddes of travelers, Sentonia reveals the most beautiful protected landscape of the area. This goddess will take you back to your childhood and the forgotten landscapes from your imaginations. Fairy groves intersected by streams and rapids, over crossed with seven bridges. The Pećina stream waterfalls overflow through the windling tuff barriers. Sentonina staza (Sentona´s trail) Labin – Rabac is lenght 2.4km. Have fun! MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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