ISTRIADUCTION All Year | No Working time | Free Entrance My father’s village above Pazin is a beautiful and peaceful place called Lindar. If you drive around Pazin and you want to see that little place just follow the bell tower at the hilltop above the Pazin. Bell tower was named by Catholic priest St. Mohor and Fortunato and it is situated in the middle of the fort that used to protect the Pazin Castle. Books said that in Lindar 47 soldiers and Captain Lazarić brought Istria back under the Austrian rule when he attacked the French army beneath Lindar and forced it to flee to Pazin. The altitude of the central part of Lindar ranges from 454 meters above sea level with its solid walls, stone houses, towers, churches and plots of the land surrounding the fort. Also, there is an old Catholic church St. Catherine built in 1392. Famous church and cultural legacy of Lindar with Glagolitic inscription on the fresco of the “Živi Križ – Living Kross“. The fresco was painted in 1409. and present the Crucifixion scene, where the arms of the cross transform into four lifelike hands. On the wall,