ISTRIADUCTION February | Free Entrance In February, the roads of Šišan have a beautiful natural retreat of sea levels on the coast or low tide. The role of the Moon and the influence of gravitational forces on the Earth is the withdrawal of water masses (sea) and such scenes can be seen on the coast. Along the coast of Šišan you can see how the sea receded and left on the "dry" coast and thus extended the beaches. The road along the coast can be driven by car and even from the car, you can take photos of bays, cliffs, and panoramas of Šišan. The road connects Šišan and Ližnjan so that there is a two-way entrance or exit from the coast. Walking along the coast there are many seaweeds, snails, and even some fish that stay dry. Feel free to return it to the sea if it is not a problem to approach the fish because the rocks are sharp. Kala Bay is mixed with stones and sand and it mostly shows the influence of low tide on the appearance of the bay. Šišan bays are mostly a combination of pebbles and