ISTRIADUCTION August - September | No Working time | Fishing Licence Along the southwestern coast, you can go hunting for bluefish. These active fish love the surface bait, so you need a rod, active hand and can be started. First of all, you need to make sure that you have strong lines because of sharp teeth that cut nylon. The resolution is the wire or very thick nylon. We picked up the location and set off with our equipment on our adventure and fishing stunts. Along with the classic equipment we also took old shoes to go in the water because of the very shallow water. After a few simulations of fish with our rod, we could see the bluefish tracking and after a few minutes, there goes the action. First of all, we saw the other fish coming out of the water because the fish was followed by the bluefish. And after a couple of seconds kick on our rod and it is time for action. It is necessary to make sure that the bluefish remain on the hook and it is not easy. After a few minutes of fighting the bluefish