ISTRIADUCTION All Year | No working time | Free Entrance Svetvinčenat, Savicenta, San Vincenti, three names of the same place, starting from the name of the patron saint, the Hispanic martyr St. Vincent and the abbey of the same name around which the town developed. Valuable Benedictines pioneered the clearing of forests, cultivated red land, built a dwelling and a church, thus attracting the first settlers. Among the tall cypresses that hide the oldest preserved sacrilegious building, their old Ora et labora password is still murmuring today (pray and work). The area was, as it is today, devoid of watercourses, so the abbey was erected near a puddle that was drained only a few years ago (Suhaca). Savicenti may be full of apologies, but the most important thing is to experience it, to walk it, to experience it. Explore every corner because each one hides its story. Learn and experience history, myths and legends .. Learn all about the witch Mara, the mysterious knight .... Take a walk through the castle of Morosini Grimani and enjoy all its splendor, the view from the tower will not disappoint you. Relax on the most beautiful,