ISTRIADUCTION All Year | Weekend 12 - 19h | Pay per Entrance Sanc Theme Park. Michael is located on a beautiful 26,000 square meter property, just 3 km west of Svetvincenat in Rapanji. In addition to the impressive building made by the owners themselves, the Otočan family also offers a carousel, torture devices, a witch's dungeon, a souvenir shop and many other interesting features typical of the Middle Ages. Visitors can also try shooting a medieval bow and arrow. Being able to enjoy the natural environment and socialize with animals is an unforgettable experience. Visitors can also enjoy delicious dishes and drinks made from authentic earthenware made by a nice chef and his assistants and court ladies to serve you. Also on Tuesdays and Thursdays, he can actively participate in the play, in which brave knights demonstrate their knowledge and skill in handling swords and other weapons. And do not forget that somewhere in the corner of the castle, the enchanted Princess Aurora makes her secret beverage with which she has a plan to poison all the inhabitants of the castle, as well as some visitors ... Come and use the day in