ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | No Working time | Free Entrance   Do you know where is Nezakcij? No? Well, it is time to visit and learn something interesting about that little historical place who is located in southern Istria, between the village of Muntić and Valtura, east of Pula. Nezakcij (lat. Nesactium) was an important town in the Istrian history. It was the capital of Histri's tribe. At present this locality represents an archaeological park featuring conserved architectonic remains from the Roman and Late Roman periods. The discovered urns and other objects that were placed into graves as offerings point to several layers of habitation and interment in the period from the 11th century BC until the Roman conquest. Local Histrian goods and luxurious imported items connect Nesactium and Histrian culture, whose center the former represented, with cultures from almost the entire area of the Mediterranean and Central Europe. The Romans had demolished the capital of the Histri after their siege in 177 BC and building a new town on the same location. The town survives the fall of the Roman Empire and the upcoming of the Christianity, but didn't resist the babraric