ISTRIADUCTION March| Free Entrance What is Oštriga? OYSTERS DAYS - FRESH GASTRO DAYS IN LIM BAY presents Oštriga, also known as oyster, is a sea shell that is highly valued in gastronomy for its characteristic taste and texture. Oysters are molluscs that live in the shallow waters of the Lim bay Oysters are usually eaten raw, often with the addition of lemon to enhance their refreshing taste. In addition to raw consumption, razor blades can be prepared in various other ways, such as baking, grilling or cooking. They are an integral part of many culinary traditions around the world, especially in coastal areas. In addition to their gastronomic value, razor clams play an important role in marine ecosystems as they help filter water and maintain environmental quality. In addition, oyster farming can provide economic benefits to local communities and contribute to the sustainable management of marine resources. Oyster Days is an event that celebrates the richness and gastronomic value of oysters, a popular delicacy in many cultures. Oyster days usually bring food lovers, tourists and locals together to enjoy the variety of oysters, and their culinary uses and experience the local treasures of