ISTRIADUCTION September | Weekend| Free Entrance Along the west coast of Istria, four kilometers from Umag is the flooded town of Sipar, to which many legends are associated. During high tides and today you can see the remains of this ancient city that springs from the sea. Sipar Castle was built probably around the year 1000, next to the already missing Siparis, when it allegedly once served as a lighthouse. At that time, nearby Umag suffered from robbers several times, and it is not excluded that the castle was built by pirates who, when they conquered Siparis, lived there and prepared for their further expeditions from here. The castle was in good condition until 1943, when the Germans demolished its upper part with artillery for strategic reasons. You can read more about Cyprus and the legend of Rosamund here: -battles-and-researchers-records / 17165 /. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS