ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 19-24h | Pay per Entrance We visited an evening concert of famous Balkan band Dubioza kolektiv. The scenery was amazing, music was lovely and energy that they projected through original music filled up this monumental place. Also, there are various concerts, opera, ballet, sports competitions. Amazing place to feel amphitheater with one of the most attractive concerts. Tips: Try to go there early because usually, it's the jam in front of Arena. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 8:00 — 21:00 h| Pay per Entrance (For locals Free) We wanted to visit the unique Roman monument Arena. We went to see what the stone and architecture of ancient Roman buildings were talking about. At the entrance, we noticed that we need to pay for the entrance. We had to see the elliptical dimension, the longer axis measuring about 130 m and the shorter one about 100 m. The place where the gladiators fought and where the stands were filled with 20 000 people. After several photographs of the amphitheater of his giant windows, we went to the subterranean tunnels where an exhibition of Roman objects and the way of processing of wine and olive were exhibited. Tips: During the summer months, the Arena hosts gladiator fights as part of the historical and entertainment spectacle "Spectacvla Antiqva". visit on  After walking along with the entire Arena at the exit there is a shop where you will be able to buy a souvenir, card, t-shirt or some other souvenir. Tips: Try to go there when is sunny weather because if the ran starts you will get

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