ISTRIADUCTION May | Free Entrance Konoba Vorichi in Orihi near Barban Konoba Vorichi is a gastronomic attraction that is often posted on social networks due to its wonderful vineyard setting and elegant decoration with fine details. In order for a person to completely relax in nature with a fine gastronomic offer, this is the tavern for such pleasure. Before finding the tavern, drive through the narrow streets of Orihi, which is located between the two more famous towns of Barban and Savičenta. Arriving in front of the tavern, there is a free parking lot for several vehicles, which is located in front of the tavern, right at the entrance to the beautiful courtyard of the tavern. The tavern has a few tables and should not be crowded because of the parking lot and space, but it is recommended to make a reservation in advance. Tavern with Istrian wineyard When you enter the courtyard of the tavern, the nature and elegance of the table decor, the wonderful lawn, the smell of the grill, swings for children and adults await you :). Next to the tavern itself, there is a well-kept lawn that leads to

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ISTRIADUCTION Ožujak | Free Entrance Konoba Feral and Fažana TAVERN FERAL - FISH AND SEAFOOD OFFER IN FAŽANA. Konoba Feral is a tavern in the very center of Fažana on the road towards the coast where there are parking lots where you can park your car. Arriving in Fažana offers various attractions that can be visited in addition to going to the tavern. Take a walk along the coast and enjoy the view of the Adriatic Sea, smell various smells from restaurants along the coast and taste delicious seafood delicacies. One of the activities when you are already in Fažana is to take a trip to the Brijuni National Park, which is located not far from Fažana. They stand out for their lush vegetation, ancient ruins and exotic fauna. Visit Brijuni Safari Park, home to zebras, llamas and other animals from all over the world. Explore the island's archaeological sites, including Roman villas and Byzantine forts. You can do all the activities after you've had a nice meal at the Feral tavern, which is just a few steps from where the boat leaves for Brijuni. The sardine is a symbol and gastronomic offer

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TOP 10 TAVERNS BY VISITORS The opinion of the visitors who come to our guidebook Istriago is extremely important to us, and we have taken into account the reviews of our attractions that fall into the gastro category. Istriago currently has more than 50 gastronomic attractions that were created from the local experience of our members. In the heart of Istria's gastronomic wealth, taverns become real gems that delight with their affordable prices, while at the same time offering excellent food quality. Those looking for the best taverns in Istria and lovers of affordable but delicious food will not be disappointed. The best taverns in Istria are not always the ones with high prices, but those that balance quality with affordable options. Here, within the Istrian region, you discover hidden gems, i.e. local taverns that provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience. With the authentic flavors of Istria, the tavern often becomes a favorite destination for those looking for exceptional enjoyment with a local recommendation. AGRO + TOURISM In Istria, agrotourism villages become epicenters where traditional food is prepared with local products, often grown on the estate itself. Visitors can enjoy food that comes straight from the field to the table,

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ISTRIADUCTION November | Free Entrance A few kilometers from Vodnjan on the road to Savičenta is the village of Klarići. The village of Klarići is known for its numerous visits to the Klarići tavern. Upon entering the village, the road leads to the tavern itself, which has a large parking lot right next to the tavern. There are several tables on the terrace itself, but the fireplace and the antique interior are inside. The tavern itself seems to have been created in two parts: One part for guests who want intimacy and the other part where there is a dance hall with live music. As for food, the offer includes various delicacies such as homemade ravioli, gnocchi, boškarin and other homemade dishes from the Klarići kitchen. To begin with, the soup was enough to warm us up, then came the gnocchi with boškarina, which are a specialty of the house, and homemade sausages with cabbage. Tips: If you want a take dance go there on Saturday night because of Live Music

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ISTRIADUCTION June | Free Entrance In a wonderful area in Momjan, there is the Stari podrum tavern, which is located under the castle. There are other quality wine producers nearby, but we decided to eat something local and went to the Stari podrum. The Stari podrum offers tables on the terrace, in the courtyard and inside the cellar. Their wine list is good and you can order a seasonal offer of truffles and asparagus. We tasted homemade pljukance with boškarin and truffles, which were delicious. There is parking in front of the tavern and the yard is great for drinking an aperitif and relaxing. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION December | Free Entrance ISTRIAN STEAK IN KONOBA KAŽUN IN PULA Tavern Kažun is located along the roundabout in Šijana when entering the city of Pula. In front of the tavern, there is a parking lot which is not charged for carefree parking of your car. The view of the tavern itself is interesting because the entrance itself was created in the style of Kažun - Istrian round field shelters, built in the technique of drywall, made of natural stone. The tavern itself exudes a pleasant atmosphere with various elements from the culture of Istrian customs. At the entrance, you can see tools and accessories from Istrian vineyards, folk costumes, bukaleta, and an open and closed fireplace. They offer a variety of fish, meat, homemade pasta, and desserts. The star of the story is a grilled Istrian steak served with mushrooms and chard. Such a steak is a combination of pork fillet, prosciutto, and cheese combined with olive oil and spices. The ambiance in the tavern is warm, although it is located near the main road, no traffic is felt because it is surrounded by olive trees and a yard. An additional

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ISTRIADUCTION December | Free Entrance Just a 10 minute drive from Pula city centre and a couple of minutes away from Pula airport  you can taste the prized Istrian cheeses of Vesna Loborika. Once you arrive at the tavern in  Loborika the best you can do is to order the cheese board for starter. Since I’m a pasta lover, for the main course I tried the Vesna’s homemade Ravioli with cheese which were very tasty and cheesy as I expected it to be. My wife ordered local pasta fuži  with truffles which were a nice mixture of cream and truffles. After lunch we headed to the cheese shop next by and bought some of their cheeses and olive oil.  The waiter told us that they have shops in Pula  central market and Veruda market as well. We will surely visit them in the future. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION September| Free Entrance Not far from Pazin, there is a tavern Bani on the hill above Pazin. With a view of Lindar and large parking, the place is ideal for an escape from the crowds and tasting traditional food in the heart of Istria. Before entry, you will see a large court where you can sit outside in a covered place or in a tavern inside next to the fireplace. In the offer, there is Istrian prosciutto, cheese all possible pasta from gnocchi, ravioli and pljukanci. In the end, various pancakes are offered and homemade brandy is not to be missed. Tips: They also have gluten-free and vege dishes offer. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year| Working time: 15-23h | Free Entrance   We ate the best “ombolo” in a charming village situated in Western Istria. The family embraced tradition, catering, and created a family agritourism which offers to the visitors the possibility to enjoy the delicacies of domestic gastronomy. Tips: Try to found this unique tavern in Istria. [fusion_map address="latlng=45.176611, 13.743789" type="roadmap" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" infobox="default" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" /] MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year| Working time: 16-22h | Free Entrance   While entering the tavern you are going to be welcomed by the fireplace, the smell of freshly home baked bread and a typical Istrian kitchen. There is mr. Pino cheef, he will be pleased to prepare that medium rare steak in his kitchen. They said that the philosophy of Pino is that he uses fresh and high-quality ingredients and make delicious dishes. We try the gnocchi with black truffles and magic medium rare steak it was delicious. The portion of the gnocchi was very small but bloody beefsteak was great. [fusion_map address="latlng=45.144943, 13.899730" type="roadmap" zoom="10" scrollwheel="yes" scale="yes" zoom_pancontrol="yes" animation="no" popup="yes" map_style="default" infobox="default" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" /] MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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