ISTRIADUCTION August | Free Entrance Motovun is a town of incredibly diverse, colorful, sometimes turbulent history. Here was born and grew up a pioneer of music printing - Andrea Antico, lived and worked the inventor of the propeller - Josef Ressel and in the gloomy times of World War II spent his childhood one of the greatest automotive aces in history - the great Mario Andretti. From the Motovun forest, through the railway station at the foot of the hill, to the highest point - the bell tower shaken by Veli Jože, we tell you an unforgettable story about this magical town, a story called "Motovun: history on the move". If you want to learn a lot more about all this in one place, then the Cultural and Educational Center Kastel is a place you must visit. In an interactive way, with lots of multimedia and through play with human senses, read, listen to and even taste, in a homemade pasta and cake workshop, a piece of the rich past of Motovun and its surroundings. Cultural - educational center Kastel (Boutique hotel Kastel) Andrea Antico Square 7, Motovun tel: 052 681 607

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ISTRIADUCTION  All Year | Working time: 0-24h | Free Entrance   MOTOVUN MIST | I've always wanted to capture Motovun's famous morning mist. Legendary mist rises from Mirna river's valley up to the hilltop on which Motovun is placed so the town looks like an island. I finally got an opportunity to photograph it and I've circulated all around Motovun and took photos from hills in Motovun surroundings and conclusion is that Motovun looks like a fairy tale town from every single angle. One of the perspectives of local tourism, which is the most important sector of local economy, should be, literally "Selling the fog". I'm sure that a lot a tourists would pay to experience it, no matter for how long they have to wait. Now that I've experienced it, I know I would pay for that experience.   MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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