ISTRIADUCTION In July| Weekend | Pay per Entrance We had an amazing day on Krnica Boat Experience. There was free parking for all the guests on the boat. Then we had the welcome drink and high five from the skipper and crew. We went to the panoramic sightseeing of Raša Fjord it was amazing. After 1 hour we had a swimm on secluded beaches- Beach only for us!!! They gave us snorkeling equipment( including mask, snorkel). The skipper explained everything about the mussels farm that we have visited. You can see the promo video on Tips: Take long-sleeved clothes because it can be cold at sea at night MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION All Year | Working time: 07-22h | Free Entrance The Pula Market is a true construction miracle and one of the most beautiful examples of the Secession architecture. It was built with new materials, iron and glass. Its original function has been retained. Following the erection of the Pula Arsenal in the mid 19th century, a fast and numerous construction of various structures began. The Pula market was erected at the time, a true construction miracle and one of the most beautiful examples of the Secession. Located in the centre of Pula, the erection of the indoor part of the market began in 1902. It was officially opened on 18 October 1903. Modern materials such as iron and glass were used for the first time in the construction of the Pula market. The walls of this unique Secession structure consist of almost exclusively semi-circular constructive iron bearers manufactured in the Witkovice Ironworks, and glass surfaces, naturally. The ground- and first floor premises were spacious and functional. The fishmonger's was on one side of its ground floor, while the ice-storage was placed on the other. Fruit and vegetables were sold on the first floor, which

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