ISTRIADUCTION All Year | No working time | Free Entrance The Seven Waterfalls Trail will show all of Istria’s mystic beauty in all seasons: its greenery and rich vegetation will leave you breathless during the summer, whilst in the autumn rainfall fills the river and creates an engulfing babble of water, breaking over the rocks. In the wintertime frozen water droplets create an unusual perspective, and the first rays of the sun lure seasonal messengers and the first animals to the light in springtime. The circular trail that starts and ends in Buzet (close to the Istrian water supply system). The trail is 14 km long and will take you around 5 hours to cross it. Difficulty is medium. Waterfalls (height): Zagon (5 m) Bačva (8 m) Vela peć (26.5 m) Mala peć (4 m) Kotli  (12 m) Zelenšćak - also called Ispod stare kave (7.9 m) Grjok  (8.2 m) Found the best trail in Istria with beautiful Waterfalls and Nature original Forest and all the values are on the travel guide Istriago. Each year we develop more content on Istria in lots of categories like gastro, Nature, To do, and sights so you can