ISTRIADUCTION  All Year  | Working time: 0-24h | Pay per Entrance   Red island (Crveni otok) it is 15 minutes boat ride from Rovinj. Boat goes from ACI Marina, below swimming pool. Tips: Ticket you need to pay on your way back to Rovinj, on Hotel reception at Red Island. It is an uninhabited island of the archipelago of Rovinj made up of two connected islands -St. Andrew and Maskin. In the 1891st the family Hutterott bought the Red island, turned the monastery into a family mansion and reorganized the Red island into a park that was planted with various plants from all over the world. Currently on the island there are over 180 different species of plants. In this period Red island was a favourite destination of tourists from the Austro-Hungarian empire. Today, on the island of St. Andrew is the residence of the family Hutterott, and on the island of Maskin family mausoleum was erected on the spot where once existed Histrian fort. On the island is saved a central part of the church from the Benedictine period, which has the shape of a Greek cross. In this part, today there is a small