ISTRIADUCTION Zarečki krov (Zarečje’s roof) has been a heaven on earth in the middle of Istria just 4 km away from town Pazin. This unexplored nature of Istria represents the connection between animals, people, and nature. To see that unique treasure you can pass through Pazin city and turn right when you see table Zarečje and follow the local road to table Zarečki krov. Take a 3-minute walk on the path through the forest to river Pazinčica. There in front of Pazinčica river, we found a beautiful white horse with a friendly smile, families made BBQ and relax by the waterfall. The waterfall height is more than 10m and one of the largest waterfalls in Istria. Pazinčica river is ideal for people to take a swim, to go fishing or just enjoy when you having fun with friends on a picnic. Tips: Try to take an adrenaline walk across the river to the other side of Zarečki krov but don’t get wet. Also, you can go inside the cave to see how the river flows above your head.