ISTRIADUCTION March| Free Entrance What is Oštriga? OYSTERS DAYS - FRESH GASTRO DAYS IN LIM BAY presents Oštriga, also known as oyster, is a sea shell that is highly valued in gastronomy for its characteristic taste and texture. Oysters are molluscs that live in the shallow waters of the Lim bay Oysters are usually eaten raw, often with the addition of lemon to enhance their refreshing taste. In addition to raw consumption, razor blades can be prepared in various other ways, such as baking, grilling or cooking. They are an integral part of many culinary traditions around the world, especially in coastal areas. In addition to their gastronomic value, razor clams play an important role in marine ecosystems as they help filter water and maintain environmental quality. In addition, oyster farming can provide economic benefits to local communities and contribute to the sustainable management of marine resources. Oyster Days is an event that celebrates the richness and gastronomic value of oysters, a popular delicacy in many cultures. Oyster days usually bring food lovers, tourists and locals together to enjoy the variety of oysters, and their culinary uses and experience the local treasures of

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ISTRIADUCTION August | Free Entrance The high summer heat needs to be refreshed with fun on the water in the water amusement park Istralandia. Istralandia is located near the town of Brtonigla, and free parking is provided in front of the park itself for all park visitors. Tickets and additional services such as umbrellas, bag lockers, specially designed boxes for dogs, etc. can be purchased at the entrance itself. Entrance is charged except for children up to 1 m tall, but there are several price lists available depending on the time of arrival and the number of people. After entering the park, you can see slides, parks, greenery and swimming pools for all age groups. Next to the children's pool, there is a children's corner with various games and animators who keep the children entertained. In order to have fun, the whole family program of the park was created with family facilities, children's pools and for the more daring, an adrenaline slide. Basically a great way for the whole family to have fun and refresh themselves on hot summer days.

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ISTRIADUCTION June | Free Entrance On Tičan near Višnjan, on the night of June 21 to 22, Astrofest is held - a summer solstice festival that gathers lovers of astronomy, its mystical history, and ethno and modern music and rhythms. The summer solstice is associated with numerous customs, beliefs and legends that are particularly significant for the ancient peoples of the European continent. On this, the shortest night of the year, the visitors of the festival go back in time with a festive celebration - they send the sun off, and then stay awake to welcome its reappearance, in honor of the ancient civilizations for which the sun was a symbol of life. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION March | Free Entrance Asparagus harvesting in Galižana does not actually define the place Galižana, but the entire surrounding area, from the bush to the forest. You can read about asparagus itself and more about its characteristics here. Asparagus in spring is one of the first things that comes to mind when we talk about gastronomic delicacies. In order to add asparagus to a frittata or other dish, you need to take a short walk in nature and pick some wild asparagus plants. For the actual harvesting of asparagus, we suggest that you wear clothes that are not the latest, because the terrain and the environment where they are located are often dense and difficult to walk through. For the harvest itself, you need the will and a bit of movement through nature, which offers a combination of recreation and entertainment, and finally gastronomic delicacies. There are various theories and practices on how to find asparagus, but one of the better guidelines is to follow the asparagus, i.e. the asparagus bush itself. If you don't like harvesting asparagus, you can always go to a tavern where there are various menus with asparagus.

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ISTRIADUCTION October| Free Entrance In October and November, it is time to harvest olives. Finally, the olives are ready for harvesting, which takes place once a year. Olives are harvested in various ways with the help of pickers, by hand or with a rake. It is definitely necessary to take nets for harvesting olives and lay them under the olives so that all the olives are collected in one place, easy for those who collect them. After all the olives have been harvested, they must be transported to an oil mill in order to obtain extra virgin oil by cold pressing. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION April| Free Entrance Early in the morning, we boarded the train with electric bikes to head for Hum. The ticket is bought on the train for the bike and for the passengers so everything took place on the train. The train normally has a bicycle wagon, but in our case it didn't, but they allowed us to put the bicycles on the train. The price of the train varies depending on where you go, but up to 7 € is a trip for a person to Hum and the bike is charged extra. At the station in Hum we are waiting for the uphill toward the smallest town in the world, about 10 minutes of a steep drive. Arriving in Hum, you have to see a beautiful view from the hill on the panorama of Istria, the old town of Hum, and its local shops. We also visited the newly opened distillery and rested a bit in the shade after tasting the local Biska. After Hum we headed towards the beautiful Kotli, a long descent to this natural attraction was waiting for us. We parked our bikes and tied up to get

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ISTRIADUCTION April| Free Entrance The Pet Kula Gallery is a gallery located right after the gate of Motovun on the left in the building of the communal palace. We visited the annual exhibition of the Association of Photographers Fotovun called four seasons. The combination of wood and stone galleries is a modern place with a beautiful view of the Motovun and Mirna valley. During the year, the gallery presents various works of art, socializing, education, and exhibitions of various authors. MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION February | Pay per Entrance Aquarium Pula is a beautiful attraction located in the tourist part of the town of Pula, Verudela. On arrival, we came across a parking lot for both cars and bicycles. The Aquarium is located in the old Austro-Hungarian fortress, which is more than 130 years old, thus bringing together the sea and military history of the city of Pula. The fort itself was created on several floors with a scout at the very top where you can see the Pješčana Uvala, Fratarski island, and the whole part around the fort. At the entrance, there is a fan shop where you can buy souvenirs or other products related to the sea, Pula, and the aquarium. Upon entering we came across several outdoor pools containing crabs and colorful sea fish. The aquarium itself has a concept that covers not only the Adriatic Sea but also other water experiences. Get to know the aquatic world of the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, tropical beauties and, in addition to salt, they also have freshwater content along the North Sea. The efforts that the employees of Aquarium Pula contribute to the maintenance and development

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ISTRIADUCTION September| Free Entrance Two days festival of cheese and goats in Svetvinčenat with local experience from Istria. In the center of Svetvinčenat, you can taste various cheeses: Goat milk cheese, sheep milk cheese, and cow milk cheese. In front of the castle of Morosini Grimani you can relax, buy and taste the best cheese of the Festival, the Champion of the festival. After cheese tasting, there was a Selection of Miss and Mister Goat. There you can take a photo with friendly goats, feed them and touch them. Tips: Try beer Kampanjola it's the local beer from Savičenta. :) MORE ISTRIAGO COLLECTIONS

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ISTRIADUCTION September| Free Entrance Early in the morning, we met in the Motovun forest to embark on another season of white truffle hunting. After the gathering and coffee, we were assigned an official hunter from the Istrian Truffle Association, who showed us the way where his dogs will go hunting. The hunter took with him two beautiful dogs Lotu and Bibu who are extremely trained and obedient and we immediately fell in love with them. While we were walking through the Motovun forest, our group of truffles passed a handful of information related to the story of truffles. It was rumored why the Motovun forest and its land bring one of the most important habitats of white truffles in the world. After the introductory speech, we were already lucky that Biba sniffed the first truffle, and immediately the action started and digging with a specialized spatula "Vanga" and finding a smaller specimen of white truffle. The delicate smell of fresh white truffles "attracted" visitors to smell the most expensive type of mushroom in the world. Truffle additionally described to us the structure of truffles and the rules after finding truffles. After a few

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